Every time a buying decision is made, your offer is either the one most preferred, or someone else gets the business.

And the key to becoming preferred most often is to consistently present offers that deliver offer something of compelling value that is superior to what is available from all the competition.

So just what makes a supplier most preferred by the buyers you target?

Many things can be important to a buyer, but there are only a few which significantly impact supplier ranking on any given purchase occasion. The potential differentiators can reside not only in what you sell, but also in how you do business—characteristics which can be subtle and difficult to uncover in normal business interactions. Identifying which of these elements most strongly influence that choice requires real insight into the characteristics, qualities and features your customers most consistently use to select the winning supplier over all the rest.

That’s where we come in.

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27Oct 2014

In Part I I covered the difference between benefit and value. Now we’ll go one step further. Relevant Benefits Knowing what benefits are relevant and most important to a customer in satisfying a specific set of needs is critical to understanding their buying habits. Example: Virtually identical food processors from the same manufacturer are offered […]

23Sep 2014

‘Benefit’ and ‘value’ are often used interchangeably, and therefore incorrectly, in conversations about which aspects of a product or service will make it most compelling to potential customers.   I have seen this misuse cause a host of problems for sellers because confusing the two often results in erroneous expectations being set and faulty conclusions being […]