About Us

Our Mission

The Mission of Glasser Research is to enable its clients to become the most often preferred suppliers in the markets they serve. We accomplish this with a two-step approach:

Through our research services, we first capture in-depth, exclusive customer knowledge enabling clients to understand what their buyers most value so they can focus their efforts and resources on those things that matter; the things that most influence product and vendor selection.  Using this unique customer understanding, we also help them identify compelling and profitable products and services and provide guidance for their development, marketing and sales efforts.

Our strategy services apply the in-depth, customer understanding derived from the above research to building true, market-driven, competitive strategies for our clients that enable them to win in their chosen markets and get the best out of their people and resources.


Be smart. Be fair. Be flexible. Be on time.

Enough said.


Over thirty five years of experience in market research, market management, strategy, engineering and sales. Read More