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You’re DESIGNING A NEW PRODUCT and need to know:

  • How prospects currently deal with the problem you intend to solve
  • Satisfaction with current solutions and their vendors
  • Prospects’ perceptions of and reactions to your new offering
  • How to prioritize the list of features and functions to offer
  • What type of customer support is required for success
  • If there are any aspects of your product or the manner in which you will offer it that are ‘compelling negatives’—aspects that actually discourage purchase
  • What makes your product, or is needed to make your product, better than its competition

You’re INTRODUCING A NEW PRODUCT and need to determine:

  • How to best price it to maximize revenue over all of your market segments
  • How to “position”, or describe it so that potential customers clearly see the most value

You’re ENTERING A NEW MARKET and need to:

  • Validate your assumptions about customer needs and perceptions
  • Understand your prospects’ perceptions of the strengths and weaknesses of your competition
  • Determine what a new vendor needs to do to capture business from existing suppliers

You’re facing STIFF COMPETITION and need to:

  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your competition
  • Find out what how your company, your products, your services or your support is perceived by customers

Our research-based approach is critical for testing your most basic assumptions about the needs and values of your market—major errors in which can lead to very expensive product and marketing mistakes. Often there is a very costly financial gap between a product that, by most appearances is interesting and useful, and one that enough people are willing to buy to make it profitable. The more you know about your intended customers before you design your service and develop your marketing plan, the more likely you are to make real money.

The cost of ‘not getting it right the first time’ could be:

  • ‘Proving’ to your investors that there is no market for your new idea
  • Missing the most profitable part of the market window
  • Losing high potential customers to competitors
  • Having to spend even more money and effort to re-introduce a product a second time

After validating, and when necessary modifying your market assumptions, we help translate the insights gained into a more effective competitive strategy and marketing plan.

And finally, if you’re still not convinced to listen to your market…

Do it as a favor for your sales people! Give them a product that prospects really want! Give them one for which they don’t have to spend hours ‘selling around’ its shortcomings simply because you didn’t bother to ask prospects when you had a chance to influence its design.