10Sep 2014

There has been a great deal said in recent years about competitive advantage (CA).  Unfortunately there are almost as many definitions of competitive advantage as there are of strategy—always a source of confusion for those looking for a practical understanding of a topic that they can apply to their businesses. Having a competitive advantage is […]

02Sep 2014

There have been a number of articles and posts that maintain a company’s business strategy and its marketing strategy are one and the same.  Although they certainly have a number of things in common, each addresses different issues a company faces in a competitive market.  As such, I believe assuming such equivalence is a mistake […]

19Aug 2014

For Part I of this series, The Real Purpose of a Business Strategy, please click here. The prevailing custom of incorrectly referring to all manner of business concepts and ideas as strategies (e.g., ‘Be the market leader’, ‘Grow revenue 20%’, ‘increase social media use’, etc.) has kept many from becoming aware that strategy is a […]