Mitch Glasser

Mitch Glasser brings over thirty five years of experience in market research, market management, strategy, engineering and sales to his clients. This affords him the ability to understand and appreciate the needs and aspirations of both technical and marketing teams within an organization, and work with them to see the benefits of having a single, focused approach for competing in a market. Mitch’s ability to ask insightful questions that get at the heart of an issue (“great” questions if you can believe the comments of his clients and peers), and his ability to formulate a strategy and plan for effectively addressing it, sets him apart from many other marketing and strategy consultants.

Mitch holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Engineering, a Masters degree in Statistics, and has had advanced training in qualitative and quantitative market research, pricing, economics, marketing and product management. His industry experience includes imaging, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, industrial products, telecommunications, wireless, software, consumer products and services, office equipment and e-learning.